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Meet Kehinde Kolawole

Master of Ceremonies & Yoruba Ewi extraordinaire

Kehinde Kolawole is a twin and was born in Ogun State in Southwest Nigeria. He is from the Yoruba tribe and he is very proud of his heritage. Right from a young age he developed an interest in the Yoruba culture, even has he studied western education in primary and secondary school. 

He graduated his first degree at Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State where he earned a  B.A. in Mass Communications. After a few years of working in the public sector in Nigeria, he moved to New York where his passion for education caused him to take up his Masters education at Nyack College. He graduated with an M.S.c in Organizational Leadership. He has also done several certifications and trainings in different areas.

In the world of Entertainment, Kehinde perfected his craft over the years anchoring weddings, parties, birthdays for different personalities including captains of industry, politicians, royalty, professionals etc. His understanding of both the Yoruba culture and his command of the English language makes him a veritable Master of Ceremony, who can anchor your event professionally. He is also a Yoruba poet and is able to eulogise anyone in the Yoruba language with Ewi.  Watch some of his Ewi videos here

Trust your Creator, and success will follow

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